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B&B Briquets

Master Every Cook, Every Time!


EMC Barbecue is the European supplier of Hunsaker Vortex Smokers, Hunsaker designed accessories, B&B Charcoal products and the best seasonings and sauces available on the US market, Arkassippi and Croix Valley. 

The Hunsaker Vortex Smokers are designed top quality drum smokers for barbecue professionals and those who want expert results. The patented Vortex technology, simple and light design is resulting in a smoker that is easy to handle where you can Master Every Cook, Every Time!

Excellent barbecue comes with excellent barbecue fuel. Barbecue fuel is the last ingredient but the first flavor! B&B Charcoal is thé number one as it comes to barbecue fuel and used by many barbecue champions and barbecue experts. B&B Charcoal products are 100% natural, environmentaly friendly and burns longer, hotter and cleaner.

For an exceptional barbecue experience EMC Barbecue has selected unique and high quality barbecue seanonings and sauces. These multiple award winning products have proven their exceptional flavor and quality within the barbecue competition field and backyard cooking. Warning! These products can be found as exceptional flavorizing. Using these products can result in an endless desire for barbecue. 

EMC Barbecue supplies quality barbecue products to dealers and individuals in Europe. Please look around on our website to find more information about these amazing products. For more information, additional questions or if you want to become a dealer, please contact us via the contact page.


Vortex Smokers

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Rubs & Sauces

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Barbecue Fuel

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EMC Barbecue B.V. is registered at:

the Chamber of Commerce Delft,

No 76690393 

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