Smoke Wood

B&B Wood smoking chunks help backyard grilling enthusiasts add that delicious aromatic wood smoked flavored to anything they want to put on top of their grill. An easy and convenient way to change the flavor of your favorite BBQ dish.

B&B Kiln Dried BBQ Wood Chunks come in 7 flavors and can be used in dozens of different types of grills to add that wonderful wood smoke flavor to your barbeque dishes. Chunks are great to use with charcoal for added flavor, but for best results and completely natural cooking, use only 100% wood chunks.


Size / 9L (3-4kg)

• Available flavor;

• Hickory

• Mesquite

• Pecan

• Post oak

• Apple

• Cherry

• Maple

FROM € 14,95  Incl. 21%VAT

FROM € 17,95  Incl. 21%VAT

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