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Vortex Charcoal Basket

Vortex Basket.JPG
Vortex Basket2.JPG

The Vortex Fire Basket.  Used by professionals to help optimize top notch taste and consistency.  



  • Circular charcoal basket. Holds more than enough charcoal for an extended burn time. The circular design helps ensure an even charcoal burn.

  • Welded grate. Bottom grate keeps the charcoal elevated for proper air flow.

  • Welded leg supports. Another way to optimize air flow.  

  • Ash tray is fixed below the charcoal grate to reduce mess and speed cleanup.  

  • Curved lift handle. Metal handle makes moving a breeze.  

  • Vortex plate. Heat deflector causes the air to "spin" which helps minimize hot spots and improves flavor and consistency. 

  • All steel construction. Sturdy steel construction means years of service even for competition smokers.  

Fits in metal 55 & 85 gallon barrels and into 22.5"/57cm Bullet Smoker.

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