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Pro Model

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Pro Model Flat Black5_150630.jpg
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FROM € 1149,-  Incl. 21%VAT


  • Vortex charcoal basket system creates a swirling, smokey sauna for your meat while promoting even temps in the smoker

  • Floating hinge lid system helps you get in and out of the pit faster

  • Unique floor-mounted foot-control air intake system for simple, steady temperature management in any weather

  • 5-position adjustable grate system this unique system makes changing position easy, lets you set your desired cooking height or run multiple grates at once

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel food grates are built tough and won't rust

  • High-temperature Flat Black paint

  • Brushed stainless steel exterior parts last a lifetime and remain rust-free

  • Ergonomic lid lift handle that makes lifting and lowering the lid a breeze

  • Over-sized 8" rear wheels make it easy to transport smoker over rough terrain or into your BBQ trailer

  • Locking swivel caster makes it easy to move and lock in place

  • Exhaust-mounted thermometer for more accurate readings without bending down

  • Heat deflector to help keep the paint looking great

  • Grease flange to help prevent grease from leaking out of smoker

  • Embossed lid for a little bit more class

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